Leads are one of the most crucial weapon for anyone in the Business. Dead Leads are also one of the most critical Asset..REALLY?

Yes, you read it right..   Do you have a list? Even if it’s a small list… Even if it’s a dead list… Who cares. It’s still an ASSET. If you use them right way then dead leads can also make you money in your online business.

You may be thinking that there’s no money in those leads as they were prospect and freebie seekers. Not the so called “BUYER LEADS”.

What you can do with these dead leads, You have two options:

1. You can start using these assets right away to make sales. This is one of the quick way to get started.

2. You can leverage these assets with other people’s assets. This could be your long term strategy.

Now let me show you how you can to make some FAST cash online with your Dead leads.

1)Gather all your LEADS and import them into an Autoresponder like AWeber.


Leads turn into Sales.

Sales = $$$

2)Search around for what’s about to launch in your niche. Look at where the traffic is about to hit so that you can step in FRONT of that traffic.

I am going to take example of the Internet Marketing niche.

  • I will go over to MunchEye to see what’s up and coming. This will give you a way to step in FRONT of the traffic that is about to hit.
  • I will find a product to promote to my dead list.  A product that ideally is something they’d be interested in purchasing.


  • Do they like buying Ebooks? Do they like buying software products? Whatever they like, sell that to them! Simple.

3)Plan a 3day email campaign for this product that you just selected. 

To make this step easier, I am going to give you my email templates which you can modify for your niche and products. Simply enter your email address below and you will get the email templates delivered to you.  That’s about 3 days worth of emails right there.

The 3day campaign should look like this:

Email 1: Send 8-10 hours before launch letting your leads know what’s coming

Email 2: Send 90 minutes before launch

Email 3: Send at right at LAUNCH TIME

Email 4: Send 5-6 hours after launch

Email 5: Send 12-14 hours after launch


4) Keep getting new leads so you can rinse and repeat this.

Those 5 emails will assist you to crush it for you especially when you follow each given step.