If you are not aware of PLR products, then you are missing out on a huge earning potential. PLR stands for Private Label rights, there are number of PLR products like ebooks, articles, software, videos, plugins etc.

When you own a PLR product that means you own the right to use, edit, modify and sell them again.

You need to get the licenses for different PLR products. For example, you can buy PLR articles, then you can rewrite them to post on your blog. You can buy PLR ebooks, rewrite them, and sell them.

Advantages of PLR Products

These are few advantages of using PLR content in your business.

  • Cost Effectiveness: PLR’s are very affordable than hiring a writer, graphic designer, videographer for your content.
  • Time-Saving: With PLR products, you don’t have to start thinking about an idea from scratch. PLR gives you an idea and can lay a strong foundation from which you can build your work.

Now let me give you step by step instructions using which you can make money using PLR products.

1) Find quality PLR Products for Cheap that you can use as a Bonus

People love step by step guides. So I would recommend getting a simple PLR ebook for your specific niche. You can also go with videos but Ebook PDF’s are simple and fast to upload.

I recommend BigProductStore for all your PLR needs. It has got more than 10,000 PLR products in different niches with new products being added every day.

PLR Products

2) Create a Simple Banner GraphicĀ or just use a Graphic from the PLR Products

You can create a banner graphic yourself using Canva or you can also outsource the graphic creation on Market Places like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

Here is an example of Banner graphic. As you can see, it grabs attention. The specifics on the headline are great as well (“How I Made $1,435.98 from TWO simple videos …”)

PLR Products

Go with something that fits YOU and the brand that you’d like to achieve long-term.

3) Contact Vendors that have Launches Coming up.

If you are just starting out then look to contact smaller vendors. Most of the smaller vendors are in need of testimonials for their upcoming launches.

Go to Muncheye.com and look for ones that look smaller and note those down. Then look for their contact details which you should find in their JV page.

PLR Products

4) Tell Vendors that you will give them a Quality Video Testimonial OR Written Testimonial if they can add your Bonus to their Thank You Page.

It doesn’t matter who is providing the testimonial but most vendors are craving solid testimonials. A testimonial by itself is HUGE! So use that to your advantage.

Are you good on video? Are you good in front of the camera? Then by all means make a video testimonial! You will get way more “YES’s” if you do.

But if you don’t want to get in front of the camera, no issues. Written testimonials can still be really good and can definitely get your foot in the door.


As you can see, we are simply using a PLR product, or product that you have rights to, and set up a “free bonus” so that you can add it to a vendor’s thank you page. Buyers that come thru this vendor’s thank you page, will see your free bonus, and they will need to open to get it.

This way you are going to get legit buyer leads for free šŸ™‚ The vendor did all the hard work to launch the product. You are simply stepping in with your bonus, and are bribing the vendor with a testimonial. Keep in mind that these are not reā€kicking prospects here.

These are REAL buyers who have proven to purchase already. You can rinse and repeat this strategy with different vendors. Get your bonus on as many thank you pages as you possibly can.

This formula works very well and also ties in great with your other list building efforts. The smart marketers are doing this and they’re doing it religiously.

You should do the same and start making money with PLR products.