One Funnel Away Challenge(OFA Challenge) REVIEW OVERVIEW

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 5 weeks training (including pre-training) and everyday you will be getting LIVE training for 30 days. The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day training that guides you step by step on launching your first (or next) funnel. The training is provided by your three coaches. Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen. It’s basically a 30 Days Virtual Online Training that will teach you how to start your online business.

It works like this that you will be getting a training lesson on Day 1 and then you will be getting the action items to complete for that day after the training.

This whole One funnel away challenge training is revolving around….

  • Hook
  • Story
  • Offer
  • Sales Funnel

In these 30 days one funnel away challenge training by Russell Brunson you will learn…

How to Create…




You will learn how to create a Sales funnel selling your own product or someone else product as an affiliate marketer.

WHAT IS One Funnel Away Challenge(OFA Challenge) ?

This is what you will be learning during your one funnel away challenge week by week.

  • Pre-Challenge Week – Get to know what you are afraid of, Mindset and self-confidence, Belief in yourself.
  • Week 1: Focusing on product offers – how to create pages in a funnel. “Funnel Hacking”, reviewing, taking notes, model. How to generate products QUICKLY: Public Domains, PLR. Have knowledge on “Hook, Story, Offer,” and offer sequencing.
  • Week 2: Importance of publishing, design/images for your products and resources, the “Epiphany Bridge”, developing your personal, authentic “Origin Story”, generate “Hooks” from the origin of your story.
  • Week 3:  Core funnel strategy,  setting up your ClickFunnels share funnel, setting up the squeeze page, setting up the offer page.
  • Week 4: Traffic and promotion.

Watch the Full Review and Bonuses here

Then over the next 4 weeks you will get daily lessons with links in your inbox. Every training builds upon each other so it’s very important that you go through them in order. There’s even homework to do to make sure you are applying what you learn.

Trainers of One Funnel Away Challenge

Russell Brunson of course, is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and his videos in the challenge are all about teaching you the strategy and the “why” behind that days mission.

Julie Stoian, a 7 figure entrepreneur herself, is the 2nd coach. Her videos show the “how” part of the training. So she goes step-by-step in her videos to guide you how to actually implement what Russell talks about in the previous lesson.

And finally the 3rd coach is Stephen Larsen. He conducts the live group calls and is basically your accountability coach. If you are familiar with Stephen at all from his podcast, you’ll know that he’s always full of energy and makes things fun.

KEY FEATURES OF One Funnel Away Challenge(OFA Challenge)

Actually when you join One Funnel Away Challenge, you will get One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses like……

FREE Access to 30 Days of Video Missions From Russell Brunson ($997 Value)

Here you will get all the Video Missions recordings or Coaching Videos of Russell Brunson which he did on previous One Funnel Away Challenge.

FREE Access to 30 Days of Coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian ($997 Value)

This includes Stephen Larsen previous One Funnel Away Challenge live coaching calls recordings through Zoom and Julie Stoian coaching calls recording.

FREE One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30 Day Plan) ($247 Value)

FREE Physical Copy of Challenge Workbook ($97 Value)


Each day of the One Funnel Away Challenge, you’ll be given tasks that you’ll need to complete in order to get your funnel built and LIVE.

The Challenge Workbook acts as your companion to the video trainings (Day 1 through Day 30).

Inside your workbook, you’ll find pages that correspond with EACH Day of the Challenge.

Each Work-Page in the book has:

  • A CHECKLIST of tasks or reminders that need to be completed that day.
  • Plenty of Space for journaling and brainstorming your ideas, and answering key thought-provoking questions.
  • The Video training links that correspond with each day’s mission.
  • And, any extra resource links you’ll need to complete the day’s tasks.

FREE MP3 Player ($297 Value)

The MP3 Player includes:

Audio recordings of All of Russell’s daily trainings (Day 1 through Day 30), and Stephen Larsen’s recordings from his LIVE coaching calls throughout the first Challenge.

FREE 30 Days Dot Com Book (Hardcover Book) ($97 Value)

In this book world’s top 30 Experts have revealed their 30 Days Action on what they will do if they lost everything right from Day 1 to Day 30.

Yes these top 30 Experts are millionaires and have won 2 Comma Club Award.

Mean to say they have made at least one million dollar with their single sales funnel in their respective niches or businesses.

FREE Access to 30 Days Virtual Summit Videos (Interview Series) ($197 Value)

In these 30 Days Virtual Summit Videos, you get these world’s top 30 Experts Interviews where they have revealed their exact strategies on what they will do if they lost everything from Day 1 to Day 30.

FREE Access to Behind The Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 Value)

Yes here in their respective interviews they have also shown their exact Sales funnel through which they have made million dollars in their respective niches.

WHO SHOULD TRY One Funnel Away Challenge(OFA Challenge)?

Anybody can join this One Funnel Away Challenge who are in industry such as…

  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Chiropractor
  • E-commerce
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Make Money Online Niche
  • MLM
  • Digital Agency
  • Local Small Businesses
  • Blogging
  • Information Products,
  • Health and Fitness
  • Supplements
  • Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dentists 

Even this One Funnel Away Challenge is also for those who are just getting started in Online Business.

There are no Technical skills required.

If you know how to operate your computer, laptop or mobile then you can join One Funnel Away Challenge.


I’ll definitely say YES.

Some people pay up to $25000 to be part of Russell Brunson’s master class. We received direct coaching from him for less than $100. Furthermore, you also get lectures from top coaches Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian. You are receiving coaching from these top professionals for less than $100.

One Funnel Away Challenge  Pricing

The One Funnel Away Challenge cost $100 which covers all the coaching materials, challenge kits, workbooks, bonuses and extra training during the whole 30 days. You’ll also have access to all the pre-recorded training so you can always go back to watch. The best $100 investment of all time!

One Funnel Away Challenge REVIEW CONCLUSION

If you are really serious about getting into Online Business, then this OFA challenge is a MUST for you. It’s going to be the best investiment of your precious time and money.

One Funnel Away Challenge BONUS

BONUS#1 Personal 1 on 1 Coaching for 1 Hour (VALUE: $197)

BONUS#2 Personal Support for Life (VALUE: $997)

BONUS#3: FREE Training on How to make $1000 Promoting One Funnel Away Challenge (VALUE: $97)

BONUS#4 FREE DotComSecrets Book (VALUE: $19.95) – I will cover the shipping.

BONUS#5 Expert Secrets Book (VALUE: $19.95)- I will cover the shipping.

BONUS#6 Marketing Secrets Black Book (VALUE: $19.95)

BONUS#7 Funnel Hacker CookBook (VALUE: $37)

BONUS#8 Coaching Call Recording with Rachel S. Lee, ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner (VALUE: $197)

BONUS#9 Coaching Call Recording with Jacob Caris, ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner (VALUE: $197)

BONUS#10 ClickFunnels Video Training Course (VALUE: $97)

BONUS#11 10K Case Study By Six Figure Entrepreneur (VALUE: $997)

BONUS#13 Pre-Written Email Swipe Files (VALUE: $197)

BONUS#14 Best Affiliate Program That Pays Monthly Recurring Commission (VALUE: $97)

BONUS#15 FREE Training on How to create a Profitable Sales Funnel (VALUE: $47)

BONUS#16 FREE Training On How To Cash In When Buying Solo Ads! (VALUE: $47)

BONUS#17 FREE Training on Facebook Strategy to Promote Affiliate Offer (VALUE: $47)

BONUS#18 FREE Training on How To Promote Affiliate Offer On YouTube Doing On Page SEO (VALUE: $97)

BONUS#19 FREE Training on How To Create A YouTube Channel For Business And Make Money-Step By Step Guide For Beginners (VALUE $97)

What Do You Need To Do To Get Your Bonuses: