Here you will learn about how you can make money online without investment. Using this method you can make anywhere from $50 to $60 per day or even more!

If you are thinking how can you earn money online without investment at home, then you need to look at highly popular market placed called Konker.

Konker is one of the big marketplace similar to Fiverr that provides a wide range of jobs like graphic design, marketing, programming and SEO.

You may be thinking that you don’t have these skills then how can you earn real money without investment. Well, you will not be required to sell any gigs or perform any services to make money with Konker.

You only have to promote other people’s gigs as an affiliate and earn commissions.

This method doesn’t involve any paid advertising, blogging, product launch and this doesn’t even require you to have your website. Now follow these 3 simple steps to get started.

1) Setup a Konker Account

Sign up for free account on Konker website.

Click on Join at the top right corner and fill in the required information.


Click sign up button and check your email for validating the email address.

Once you have confirmed the email address, you are done with creating the account.

Next you need to setup your ​PayPal email for receiving the Affiliate commissions.

Click on the username icon on the top right and go to Account settings.

In the account settings, you need to enter your paypal email address and then click on update Paypal.

2) Selecting the service to promote

As you already know that Konker provide wide range of services like Fiverr. There is one service which is always and will always be in high demand. That’s SEO.

You can check on the Konker homepage, most of the weekly bestseller services are SEO with PBN (Private Blog Network) being done by most of the sellers.

Next you need to pick the best seller by reviewing the offered gig. Check the ratings of the seller, reviews by the customers and other details.

Now you have picked the seller, go ahead and grab the affiliate link.

Click on Promote this service.

The link in the box is going to be your affiliate link.

Just remember that you are only an Affiliate, so you don’t have to worry about customer queries and service. Everything will be handled by the seller.

3) Affiliate Link Promotion

I am going to tell you 2 FREE promotion methods to advertise your link. 

1) Facebook Groups

Go to Facebook and search for SEO groups.

Look for targeted PBN groups.

 Click on Join button to join these groups.

Only join 5 to 6 groups per day. After you have been accepted in the group, then you can start promoting your link.

Remember not to spam the groups with your link. You first need to provide value to the group members by writing useful posts.

Share some useful articles regarding PBN in the groups, build a relationship with the group members. Then promote your affiliate link.

One more useful tip, I would like to give u is to use the link shortener FREE service Bitly.


Hence, this is one of the best genuine ways to make money online without investment. Take Action and I am sure you will be able to make $50-$60 as passive income per day.