I’ll be telling you how you can make Money on Clickbank with YouTube for free.  Yes, it is a totally free method and you even don’t have to record any videos on your own and you don’t have to show your face.

I know you must be thinking that I’ll be telling you to download the videos using the Creative Commons License.

No, I’m not going to tell you that…

So here are the steps you need to perform:

  1. Log into your Clickbank account.

You can create a Clickbank account for free. The good thing about Clickbank is you don’t need any approval on most of the products to promote. So you don’t have to spend any money in making any kind of registration.

As an example I will pick up the niche for Parenting and Families in Clickbank.

Let’s go to Parenting and Families and you will see all the products under parenting and families niche.

Next what you have to do, you need to sort the results by Gravity and then all the top-selling products in parenting and families niche will show up. For example we will pick up the product children learning reading program.

This product is going to teach your child to read. They are going to provide us with an e-book as a product.

Now we have chosen the product to promote.

In almost all the products on Clickbank you will find Affiliate page.  We will open this affiliate page and this page will give us all the tools to promote the particular product.

  1. Log into Youtube

Now we go in the YouTube and search for this particular niche; which is parenting. Basically we will find out how the parenting videos are doing.

So we can see the top videos here 32,000, 281 thousand views,  2.1 million views. So that shows parenting niche is one of the highest searches niche and people are searching for these tips on parenting.

2. Creating and Compiling the Video

Now the most important part regarding the video,  you won’t be recording a video of your own so what you need to do just go on a website called Pexels.com.

Once you are here on pexels.com, just type parenting and it will give you all the the photos and the videos on parenting.

We will go in the video section there are five videos for parenting. These are all the videos which you can use for free without any copyright claim or anything.

Go ahead and download these videos and  you can also download few of the pictures and parenting niche from here.

Create three to four minutes video using these pictures and the videos which you have downloaded from Pexels.

Now you must be thinking okay, we have downloaded the video.

Now what we have to do?

Once you’ve downloaded the videos on a computer, you can use any of the video editing software on your computer.

Compile the videos and the photos which you have downloaded from Pexels .

Go back to affiliate section of the chosen product in Clickbank and look for the articles, the email templates what they are providing us.You can use the subject lines from those email swipes. You can use this content and put that as a text in your video and create a story.

Telling the people about the product, there are various articles as well which you can use in your videos. You can just copy the content from Affiliate section, make sure to  add your own bits as well and you have to create a video.

Now once the video is created you just need to upload it on YouTube. You can put your affiliate link in the description section. Once your video is LIVE, people will come to your video and they will click on the affiliate link and if they make a purchase using your link.

You will get a commission!!

This is the easiest and the free way to Make Money on Clickbank using Youtube.