What is Extempore?

Extempore is an app which will help you use your smartphone as a teleprompter to record videos. It is going to transform the way videos are produced. All you need is a smartphone to produce flawless videos which can even be edited on the go.

It’s finally time to ditch your teleprompter and look super cool shooting videos directly from your smartphone and even style them, push them to your personal social media pages.

Extempore Review Overview

No more complex video equipment and multiple tools to shoot one video. With Extempore all you need is your Smartphone. Simply load your script and shoot using the front or back camera of your phone.

You don’t need to carry all those fancy, expensive equipment to shoot your Videos. Just open the Extempore App on your Smartphone and you are good to go.

Key features of Extempore

  • Incredibly Easy To Setup and Use.
  • 100% Newbie Friendly (No Technical Savvy Required).
  • Saves Tons of Hours of Editing – Know EXACTLY What To Say Without Any Mishaps.
  • Create Pro Quality Videos On Demand
  • Export Your Videos to HD.
  • Upload To YouTube Seamlessly.
  • Share On Popular Social Networks.
  • Everything Is Saved To Your Smartphone – No Need To Purchase Any Further Equipment.
  • Major Discount For A Limited Time Only.

How does Extempore work?

It’s incredibly easy to create a video with extempore. Just follow these simple steps…

  • Create a new story from the easy to use dashboard.
  • Click on my takes and press the record icon.
  • Configure your settings before you record.
  • Click record and speak.

Check out the Extempore demo to see how easy it is to get started.


No matter what you do online extempore can help succeed here are just a few ways you can start using extempore today.

Videos Sales letters (also known as vsls) are a great way to sell any product or service. By using extempore, you could create a script that explains your product or offer and never have to wonder what to say again.

Just by using video on your sales pages or using video as the sales agent, you’ll boost conversions and your bottom line at the same time!

Video Ads

I’m sure you’ve seen all the ads that pop up before you watch a YouTube video right?But what you don’t know is that the person doing the ad has to constantly shoot the video over and over because of mess ups.

Well extempore solves that problem for you. Just create your notes or scripts, hit record and Extempore will scroll the the content for you to read. This makes it incredibly easy to create engaging video ads in less time than ever!


Vlogging is all the rage and has been for quite some time now. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically video blogging.So instead of writing articles, you create videos and post them on your blog.

Well, with having extempore in your arsenal, you could literally take a few minutes and write up your ideas or your script and create more vlog content in half the time it’d normally take!

Social Media

Instagram has really picked up steam in the last 3 years.It’s a video and picture sharing platform that’s made so many people incredibly popular.

The reason for that is the quick videos that are recorded and shared as stories. But once again, a lot of these famous people have a ton of expensive equipment and spend tons of time editing their videos because of not having a real plan for their recordings.

Imagine if they had extempore. They’d be able to get rid of all the expensive equipment and create more engaging content faster than ever.

Spokesperson Freelance Business

At this very moment, there’s an incredible opportunity to make a killing doing spokesperson videos on sites like Fiverr, Upwork,and other freelance sites.

By having extempore on your smartphone, you can zoom through all of your video work with ease.

Extempore puts the script right on screen so it looks like you’re looking directly into the camera!

How awesome is that?


Extempore is an entirely new kind of a Video App which will allow you to create all types of Videos directly from your Smartphone without the need for any fancy equipment!

Either you like to be facing the camera and do the talking or show your surroundings and talk about it, you can do so just by loading your Script in the App and directly recording until you are satisfied with your take.


  • 5 Minutes Videos At Your Fingertips
  • Unlimited Takes For Every Single Video You Create

  • Create Pro-Quality Videos On Demand

  • Dual Video Recording Options

  • Full Seamless HD Video Export

  • Single Extempore License for Andriod / IOS(Iphone & Ipad)

  • Make Square Videos for Instagram Easily

  • Direct Youtube Upload Integration

  • Text Size For Scripts Are Easily Adjustable

  • Silent Mode- Put your phone on Silent Mode while recording


  •    The only cons which I can see right now is Multi-Lingual support.

Honest Extempore Review – Is it really worth your money?

Development of Extempore took quite a bit of programming development to bring it to fruition. Not to mention the ongoing cost of support and development of new features.

But for a limited time, you can get access to Extempore for pennies on the dollar.

Just the money you’ll save without having to purchase expensive studio equipment is worth the investment alone!

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and use the button on this page to get access to Extempore now and get ready to turn your phone into a video cash generating machine!

Get access now

Just take a look at this app at the link below:


Extempore Funnels Review Conclusion

If you want to succeed online, You need great content and you need to create it fast. I’ve heard it said that if you ever want to get anything done online fast then create video and I for one have to agree.

Need to get a message out fast? Shoot a quick video. Want to create a product fast? Create a set of videos.

Want to make a TON of money this weekend? Do a webinar which is shown through video.

Want to tap into one of the most popular search engines (YouTube) online? Create videos.








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